About Us: Best revenge? Happiness!

This is our message, rather than the desire for revenge or revenge alludes to the freedom to be happy after all and everyone.

Inspired by a timeless style we at The Revenge have wanted to mark the beginning of a new story with our lines of craft accessories and customizable clothing for women, men and children. Not just watches and bracelets, but also belts, anklets, dresses, customizable shirts and a lot more for a fresh and refined outfit.

The Revenge is an expression of craftsmanship signed made in Italy. Exclusive items made by hand and treated in the minimum

details to create a product of Italian excellence that we are proud of worldwide. Mastery and inventiveness come together to give life to quality creations and design using bright colors and fresh and light fabrics such as fine cotton and linen. An unmistakable style that recalls to beauty and passion.

All this is summarized in our logo: the R of our brand turns in fact on itself and looks backwards, to define a reversal of situation, a revenge nourished not by resentment, but by the desire to amaze, without forgetting our past. It is no coincidence that, to complete our logo, there is precisely the Florentine lily, an iconic symbol of Made in Italy

What we offer today is a fashion inspired by a youth target, especially women, who likes to dress with taste, follow the trends of the moment and take care of their body with natural and quality fabrics, including biological, able to respect the environment.

Each of our proposals is strictly handmade in Italy, using quality materials and quality fabrics.
Everything responds to a precise idea of 'all matched' fund, in the full conviction that it is the right combination of accessories to make a truly exclusive outfit